January 28 venus transit astrology

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Twice during the orbital cycles of Jupiter and Saturn , the equatorial and satellite planes of those planets are aligned with Earth's orbital plane, resulting in a series of mutual occultations and eclipses between the moons of these giant planets. The terms eclipse , occultation , and transit are also used to describe these events.

This table is another compilation of occultations and transits of bright stars and planets by solar planets. Some events are barely visible, because they take place in close proximity to the Sun.

The Feature of Venus Transit, 4 June 12222

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Astrology of Today – Monday, January 28th, 12222

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Every individual has a distinct and different astrology natal birth chart, Janam Kundli , as every individual has his-her unique date-time-place of birth. The outcome also depends on multiple other astrological aspects in the birth chart , such as placement of planets, the Sun, the moon and Rahu-Ketu in the 12 chart Houses. The closer the planet is to the Sun, such as Mercury, Venus, Mars, the more frequent are the transits of these planets.

Outer planets such as Jupiter and Saturn take much longer periods to make transits. Ketu and Rahu normally make one or two transits in a calendar year. Like all the celestial bodies and Rahu-Ketu make transits, Venus transit is an important one.

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Venus transits all the 12 zodiac signs in a certain schedule. The schedule of transit and stay of Venus in the different signs in is as under:.

In Astrology , the planet Venus is associated with words like beauty, love, romance, relationships, pleasure, luxury, comforts, wealth, social life, etc. Venus rules 2 signs Taurus and Libra. Venus is the Lord of Houses 2 nd and the 7 th.

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The gemstone for Venus is the diamond. The 6-faced Mukhi Rudraksha is for Venus. Friday is dedicated to Venus. The Hindi word Shukr in Shukrvaar means Venus. Om Shukraya Namah.